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The Story

Technido started its journey as a service provider of top-notch educational robotics training. Since then, our company has certainly come a long way. Thanks to our innovation and ground-breaking developments in custom robotics solutions, we ventured into automation, public safety and defence industries. Today, Technido is situated as a leading Indian player to offer custom solutions to the robotics and automation industries.

From then on, Technido expanded its offerings to include automation projects.  we have handled various automation projects – ranging from CNC drilling machines, automatic packing machines and cut to length machines, among many others.

Later, we added defence projects to our capabilities. Thanks to our expertise in custom robotics, we’ve setup a one-of-a-kind robotics lab at the Indian Army’s Training Centre. All machines setup in this lab have been completely customised to meet the varying needs of users.

Where We’re Currently At

Technido has been on an epic ride ever since our early days. Having enjoyed massive success in educational robotics, automation and defence projects, Technido is currently better positioned than ever to offer innovative solutions.


Our processes are certified as ISO 9001:2015. Today, our client base spans various companies and organisations in the public safety and defence industries.

Our Achievements

 Technido has grown into being India’s leading robotics and automation company. From remote firing control of the INSAS rifle to designing high-end GPS trackers and manufacturing smart systems for toll collection and highway traffic management, we’ve handled many unique projects successfully.


The Difference

At Technido, our core strengths include our undying desire for innovation, our extreme focus on customer satisfaction and our experienced management team.

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