India`s First Open source Oxygen Concentrator


Project details to be uploaded by 6th May 21

India is going through the second wave of COVID-19, we are facing an acute shortage of oxygen. 

In this scenario, an oxygen concentrator can save many lives but it is not easily available in the market or the prices have skyrocketed. We are forced to import them from CHINA.


This made us design an Oxygen Concentrator and prepared a working prototype with all designs and technology as open-source. Now we need a bigger team to bring this into production and save lives. The idea is to invite manufacturers and contributors to scale up the production.

Role of Manufacturers

1. Design/modification and fabrication of key parts such as frame, canisters, tubing, mountings, enclosure.

2. Assembly of all parts.

3. Electronic controller board ( if not, we have it ready)

4. Testing and validation.

5. Packaging and distribution. 

Role of Contributors

1. Graphic Designers 

2. CAD Modellers/Mechanical engineers 

3. Mathematicians 

4. Chemical Engineers

5. Procurement Experts


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