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India`s First Open Source Oxygen Concentrator


India is going through the second wave of COVID-19, we are facing an acute shortage of oxygen. 

In this scenario, an oxygen concentrator can save many lives but it is not easily available in the market or the prices have skyrocketed. We are forced to import them from CHINA.


This made us design an Oxygen Concentrator and prepared a working prototype with all designs and technology as open-source. Now we need a bigger team to bring this into production and save lives.

The idea is to invite manufacturers and contributors to scale up the production.


To build a simplified yet effective open-source oxygen concentrator using Indian parts. And to distribute design and technology to various manufacturers on a no-cost basis so production can be scaled up rapidly and current crises can be solved.


In the future, there should be no dependencies on other countries for oxygen supply.


The current version of oxygen concentrator is not clinically tested or certified. It is the responsibility of the manufacturer to take required clearances and certifications for emergency use.


Technido or team members are not responsible for end use of machine, loss of property or loss of lives


  • Oxygen Concentration: 90-92%

  • Flow Rate: 10LPM

  • Power Consumption: 750w

  • Electrical Requirements: 230VAC

  • Weight: 45Kgs

  • Operating Temperature: 3°C to 40 ° C

  • System Operating Pressure: 30 PSIG

  • Frequency of pressurization & depressurization of zeolite container: 5 secs (Currently, experiments are going on)

  • Output Flow : Continuous (Non-Pulsating)

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If you can contribute to the project as a subject expert, consultant, content designer, manufacturer, repair support voluteer or just subscriber, fill in the details below:

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