Automated Guided Vehicle

The intelligent Carrier

This is a smart machine mounted with industrial grade ranging and positioning sensors for situational awareness. The machine can move and find it own path without interference of any human and can travel on it s own pre fed path with the help of centimeter level precise DGPS.  It’s a right choice for transporting arms, ammunition and supplies to crucial/vulnerable locations on Warfield.

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Know your enemy before he knows you

This rugged flying machine is equipped with a high definition, long range camera and is capable of carrying 1kg of payload up to a distance of 7Kms with a maximum speed of 20kmph. It can be programmed for a completely autonomous mission and fly without any human intervention. And, it starts off with a flick of a button.

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Remote WeaponControl

Because bringing our soldiers back home is as critical as winning over the battle.

Let this machine spearhead; let it target the enemy before the soldiers do. This fast moving, rugged, mobile robotic platform is designed to traverse rough terrains and manoeuvre with stability. It is equipped with a pan-tilt weapon mounting base that can be remote controlled through joystick and fires on command of the operator.

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5 Axis Robotic Arm

Need a hand? A hand that can take care of IEDs on warfields?

This ruggedized, fast and precise  mobile robotic platform designed to traverse rough terrains can handle objects weighing upto 5 kg. All controls are available on a remote unit along with speakers, microphone, joystick, switches and a 7-inch LED screen to display live video streams from the robot`s on-board camera. All the communications are over 128bit secured wireless channel.

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Throw-able Surveillance Robot

An emerging paradigm for the field of defence, this is designed for soldiers, law enforcement agencies and emergency services. It has a tele-operation control, that gives high quality video images and sound to the personnel, making it easier to identify and trace dangers. Chaukas, characterized by high portability, is capable of being rapidly deployed and gives an advantage over the adversary by helping the officers and agencies of law in viewing the field areas beforehand.

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Retractable Mast

What it takes to plan a mission? A complete survey of area and hideouts.

This robotic platform mounted with camera on a retractable mast can give first look of the warfield while you sit back in a safe zone. The machine can run as fast as 30 kmph within a radius of 3 km. Each of its movement and the camera are precisely controlled by a remote unit that is mounted with controls, a 7-inch colored LED screen and an on-board storage.

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GPS Tracker for


Never get lost!

What can be better than tracking real time locations of  the soldiers and troops with the security and reliability of STARS V? Our small device can be piggybacked with STARS V and sends out location data to control station over the radio in data mode. The system is beneficial during war missions and rescue operations.

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HIT and MISS Detection System for armoured targets

Hit the bulls eye

Training is the best preparation for war, why not train them with the best assistive and feedback system. The system provide visual feedback on a portable display of the location of hit or miss of AP rounds fired by tanks.

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Automated Guided Vehicle

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Finding their way. Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) systems are industrial trucks that transport goods independently from the loading area to the intended destination. Thanks to their intelligent control system, these vehicles move autonomously along defined routes - detecting and avoiding any obstacles encountered along the way.


We offer a precisely matched electromechanical system from a single source for these applications.

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Traffic Management


Automatic Vehicle Classification System (AVCS)

Your intelligent audit partner

Automatic Vehicle classification System is a key element for assessment of the correct toll fee at toll plazas and ensures accurate vehicle detection and classification, offering outstanding performance. The system is based on infrared sensor technology for low maintenance classification.

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Electronic Toll Collection (ETC)

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Electronic toll collection (ETC) aims to eliminate the delay on toll roads by collecting tolls electronically. ETC determines whether the cars passing are enrolled in the program, alerts enforcers for those that are not, and electronically debits the accounts of registered car owners without requiring them to stop.

We are offering a complete independent embedded system that can handle all the above task.

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